“Down below, we fall into the rabbit hole,

Where it goes and just how deep nobody knows”

Buried Animals is a synth-pop group hailing from the city of Minneapolis. Helmed by the enigmatic duo of Eric Addams and Nigel Highlands, Buried Animals arrive on the scene with unrelenting dance grooves, glittery pop melodies, and lyrical sincerity that begs the question – “is this a dream or a memory?”

Their debut album Cold Comfort emerged from the ether back in 2019, combining the shimmery retro-futurism of synthwave and gothic imagery of classic horror films. After a plague-induced halt on live performance, the group hunkered down in the studio to craft their most focused and ambitious project to date, “Seeing Red & Feeling Blue”. Escapism was a critical aspect of the creative process given the tumultuous times of the world and the personal lives of the members themselves. The record tackles themes of romance, relationships, and existentialism set to infectious beats and sticky pop hooks.